Tial Thang cu MAIN EVENT bakah Aa Thua Cang Lai,,, FIGHTING ….

Tutan All in Combat-3 ah Tial Thang cu Main Event bak ah an chiah cang. Repodt nih alanghter ning ahcun Main Event ah Coulter vs Tatum an i Tial Thang vs Jackson hi Co-Main Event an si. Ruah lo piin Tatum cu zeimaw relrem lonak ruangah Tial Thang le Jackson cu Main Event ah chiah an si tiah report nih alanghter.

Puai ah Main Event ah chiah mi cu midang nakin a biapi khun mi an si, afawinak in chim ahcun mipi thinlung la biktu thiam bik tiah ruah mi an si hna. Tutan Tial Thang cu a dirhmun asang ngaingai. Pathian sinah thlacamnak in bawm cio hna u sih. Cun, amah thazaang peknak hrimhrim ah like,share le comment pek hi daithlang hram hna hlah usih.

*UPDATE* Due to an emergency medical need of one of the fighters, our scheduled main event has been canceled. Our deepest apologies to Jamahl Tatum @thatboymahl for the inconvenience this has caused. We are excited to see him back on a future card. We are also keeping Rashad Coulter @redeemedbeast in our prayers at this time. Our co-main event will now be pushed up to Main Event. Tial Thang Zathang @tialzathang77 vs Darrius Jackson @mmakid17

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