Israel’s war on Gaza updates: UN chief says blocked aid a ‘moral outrage’

This live page is now closed. Read more about the latest killings of Palestinian aid seekers in Gaza here.Find out what the UN chief said at the Rafah border here.And you can find more news, features and videos on the war here.We will be closing this live page soon. Here’s a look at what happened today:

UN chief Antonio Guterres visited the Rafah border crossing to shine a spotlight on the plight of Palestinians and called Israeli-blocked aid a “moral outrage”.Hamas’s political bureau official Bassem Naim says it isn’t ready “to discuss any further proposals” in ceasefire talks, accusing Israel of backsliding on previous agreements.

The Israeli military killed 19 Palestinians when it fired on aid seekers at Kuwait Roundabout in Gaza City, which according to a rights group means it has killed 560 people in incidents involving aid trucks so far.

Heavy fighting has been ongoing in and around the al-Shifa Hospital in central Gaza, even as patients are dying inside the besieged facility, parts of which have been blown up by the Israeli military.Hamas said one more Israeli captive has died from hunger and a lack of medicine.

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