Couple won $87 million lotto jackpot

A young couple who married months after a $87 million (£45 million) jackpot have split — the latest case of the lottery curse.Decorator Matt Topham and Iceland store supervisor Cassey Carrington were both 22 when they won on the EuroMillions in 2012, The Sun reports.

The teen sweethearts tied the knot the same year and went on to have three children.But last night, at their country pile complete with runway, Cassey confirmed they are no longer living together.Racing nut Matt, 34, has been on dates in his Maserati with new interest Amy Cox, with the pair sharing selfies outside the London Eye and on a ski trip.

He has been seen collecting the mum of three from a $250,000 (£130,000) end-terrace home owned by her builder dad in a village near Lincoln.She drives a $8600 (£5,000) VW Tiguan and one neighbour said: “I don’t think she has ever worked because she is busy looking after her children, who are all pre-schoolers.

Matt on a night out with new love Amy in London this year. Picture: Facebook

“She has had a few boyfriends so it would be nice if she found happiness with Matt.Drives a Maserati“I don’t know how they met. We don’t see them out and about very often.”

Another resident told us: “We had no idea he was a lottery winner. He comes around in his Maserati so he must still have a bob or two.”Details behind the split are sketchy though Matt shared a cryptic social media post in August saying: “Sometimes, no matter how nice, kind, caring and loving you are, it just isn’t good enough for some people.”

In 2021, Matt was handed a 16-week suspended jail sentence after admitting careless driving following the death of Mary Regler, 75, in a car crash in North Cockerington, Lincs, two years earlier.Matt last shared a photo of him and Cassey in July 2021 — four months after the sentencing at Lincoln crown court.

Cassey has not made any public social media posts since around the same time.Last year, The Sun told how a zoo bought by the couple in 2020 — Rushmoor Country Park in Louth, Lincs — had “shut down” amid financial strain.

Quizzed on the split yesterday, Cassey told The Sun: “Matt doesn’t live here anymore.”Asked if there was any comment she wanted to make on the break-up, she replied: “No, thank you.” Credit: The Sun


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